Soul of Shaolin Show in Sevierville Tennessee

Soul of Shaolin Show in Sevierville Tennessee

Direct from Broadway, the Tony® Award-nominated Soul of Shaolin along with the original 30-member Broadway cast is coming to Sevierville for a limited engagement.

This new show features Chinese martial arts, Chinese history and a touching story of an orphan boy and a mother's love.

The Soul of Shaolin is set in historic times in China and focuses on a mother who, as she flees from war with her baby, falls into the hands of gangsters. To fend off the gangsters, she hides the boy and jumps off a cliff. Before she can return, her baby is found by monks from the legendary Shaolin Temple. The baby is brought back to the temple and raised among them.

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7:30 pm Monday through Saturday

Hotel pick-up or drop-off is NOT included. Children under age 6 admitted free. IF YOUR PARTY WILL INCLUDE NON-PAYING CHILDREN, YOU MUST ENTER THE NUMBER OF NON-PAYING CHILDREN ON THE ORDER FORM. Please reserve online, or call us toll-free at ^tollfree^.


The Show

Soul of Shaolin is a Chinese martial arts show embedded within a touching story of strength, courage and family. The show opened for a limited engagement at Broadway's Marquis Theatre on January 15, 2009 and ran for 24 performances before heading out on a national tour. The first-ever Chinese production on Broadway, Soul of Shaolin was nominated for both a Tony Award for Best Special Theatrical Event and Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatrical Experience. The Sevierville production will feature the original Broadway cast of more than 30 Chinese nationals that are highly skilled in Chinese martial arts.

To get a true understanding of Shaolin Kung Fu, some have climbed Mount Songshan in China's Henan Province, others have visited the Shaolin Temple to meditate or simply to study the Chinese characters on the temple's front gate. The two characters alone, ? (meaning meditation) and ? (meaning martial art or Kung Fu), can inspire even the biggest of skeptics to follow the path of Shaolin. The characters for meditation and martial arts also mean inaction, and action, respectively.

Shaolin Kung Fu advocates virtue and goodness of heart. The former focuses on developing one's mind and temperament, while the latter promotes physical health. These two perceived opposites share a common goal: to achieve peace in the body and the spirit.

The story of SOUL OF SHAOLIN unfolds through the martial arts techniques handed down through generations in the Shaolin Temple. It weaves the story of the characters' inner worlds, their changing destinies, events, conflicts and contradictions, demonstrating Kung Fu emphasis on strength and virtue. The story of Shaolin is timeless, and appeals to all audiences, young and old.

The Story

SOUL OF SHAOLIN takes place during wartime in Chinese history. Hui Guang, a child who was separated from his mother, was found by a Kung Fu monk from Shaolin Temple and brought back to the temple. As Hui Guang grows up under the care of the monks, he is instructed in the unique ways Shaolin Kung Fu and the daily practicing of Kung Fu skills. The play brings action (practicing of Kung Fu), inaction (Buddhist meditation), and touching events into an organic whole. By presenting the fist technique, the tempering of the internal organs of the body, and the wrestling skills and tricks of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, the play brings out the spiritual essence underlining them. The story ends with the happy reunion between Hui Guang and his mother.

As a brand new form of artistic work, the play SOUL OF SHAOLIN adds to the aesthetic and appreciative beauty of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu.

Sevierville is approximately 8 miles from Pigeon Forge.

Hotel pick-up or drop-off is NOT included. Children under age 6 admitted free. IF YOUR PARTY WILL INCLUDE NON-PAYING CHILDREN, YOU MUST ENTER THE NUMBER OF NON-PAYING CHILDREN ON THE ORDER FORM. Please reserve online, or call us toll-free at ^tollfree^.

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